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The world’s opportunity is great to reduce the waste we create…recycle and re-use

Galesburg’s exclusive sustainable art gallery 

Showcasing sustainable art, the Stray Cat Art gallery is a one of a kind gallery space. We have many pieces from local artists that use multiple mediums. We specialize in original art work using recycled materials. Each piece is absolutely unique!
Recycled art of two dogs playing poker

The gallery

You’ll notice as soon as you walk in the door that our gallery, Stray Cat Art, is unlike any other art space you've seen. Our interior design and the art work on display shows that we are an independent, unique gallery. We’re named as homage to the Calico Cat gift store which our owner's mother opened in 1968. Our roots run deep here. Come visit and delight your senses.
Recycled art of dog ridding a bike

It's our calling

Can a 55-gallon oil drum be a beautiful thing? Is there life for a car after a traffic accident? Can an alarm clock or an old 747 have another use? Yes, indeed! We believe in breathing new life into items that most people discard as useless. At Stray Cat Art, we sell a very diverse collection of handmade artwork and accessories that all use recycled and sustainable resources.

We're a community

We pride ourselves on our partnership with the local art community, giving artists a place to showcase their works. We highlight artists who utilize material recycling, reusing and repurposing. Whether your taste in art focuses on pieces made of wood, metal or glass, you’ll find something in our gallery. We’re located at 67 South Seminary Street in Galesburg. Stop in today!

To experience our exceptional art, call 309-337-5163.

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